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NCdownloader can help you manage your downloads. As it supports segmented multithreaded downloads, it can accelerate your transfers noticeably. Moreover, it allows pausing and resuming download jobs and scheduling tasks to start at a given time.

It is a blessing the application has an intuitive interface that leaves no room for doubts regarding its usage because it does not include any help documentation even online. Three different types of download tasks can be started. First, there is the common download, usually involving binary files. In order to add a new job, you can simply enter its URL. Moreover, the program can be set to monitor the clipboard for valid URLs. What is more, it can integrate with Internet Explorer for automatic downloads. Unfortunately, other popular browsers are not supported. The second type of download includes Internet video. The program can easily rip the actual video URL from the provided web address. In addition, you can also set the automatic conversion of downloaded videos. This built-in format-converting feature supports re-encoding FLV files to other formats like MPEG, AVI and MP3. Finally, the application allows you to download complete web sites, a service commonly referred to as “spider”. Starting from a base URL, you can configure such parameters as download depth and exclusion filters based on file types.

Various protocols, as HTPP and FTP, are supported. However, it does not allow downloading torrents. It also integrates with your antivirus program so that the downloaded files are scanned before they can pose a danger to your system.

Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of NCdownloader is its size. It just seems incredible that its developers managed to pack so many features in just a 300k installer. Perhaps it is not as comprehensive or fast as other downloaders, but it can be a decent alternative to larger or paid software.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very small.
  • It supports various protocols.
  • It can download complete websites.
  • It supports automatic conversion.
  • It can download Internet video.
  • It monitors the clipboard and integrates with IE.
  • It integrates with antivirus tools.
  • It supports various protocols.
  • It allows scheduling download tasks


  • It does not include any help documentation.
  • It does not integrate with other popular browsers.
  • It does not support downloading torrents
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